Gutenberg Block Templates

What is is sharing Gutenberg Block Templates, You can share your created block templates via WP Block Hub plugin, Gutenberg Editor or WordPress Block Editor has an awesome feature called reusable blocks, you can create block templates and save them under reusable blocks and can use any time on other post or page content via block editor just like other blocks.

Love to create Gutenberg Block Templates?

We are taking advantage of reusable blocks so if you love to create a fantastic block templates people might want them to use on their website to create a page template or landing page, design their website. and it has a potential value of selling your block templates to others. You can create a full-page template, header section, footer section, or grid section, call to action, team page, services, product highlight, product features, columns and etc can be anything.

If you are master of creating block templates and love to create Gutenberg block templates for your website and you can also share them via our website by using WP Block Hub plugin. if you are interested in how the plugin works, please watch this video right now.

Here we have already published another guide to learn about how to submit block templates on our server. it’s easy like creating a post on WordPress. go and learn about it.

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