How to Submit Gutenberg Block Templates

WPblockHub is a platform to share Gutenberg block templates, we already created hundred of block templates for our users, as time goes this might be not enough for the user expectation, that’s why we expect your contribution at, contributing is not complex, you can create block templates and submit on our website via API key.

Please watch the video first

Hope you watch the above video and understand, don’t worry if you haven’t understood anything, let me explain here in details step by step.

Step – 1

You will need to install and activate the following plugin first on your localhost or live site

WP Block Hub

After activating the plugin you will see the WP Block Hub > Blocks menu on your dashboard menu, you will able to access wp_block (reusable blocks) post list via this menu.

Gutenberg block templates

You can create new wp_block (reusable blocks) or manage from the list. Just click on Add New

block templates

You will see block editor and give a title for your block template and add/edit blocks as you wish. if you don’t have any design you can search freebie design from dribbble or behance or another popular design-sharing website, make sure you find copyright free design so that it will not arise any problem in future.

Gutenberg block

You can use 3rd party block plugin that provides many useful and fancy block settings, you can get block plugin from repository by searching Gutenberg blocks or Google it for best-recommended block plugin

Once you are done creating block template, you need to fill some information under block info meta box

Plugins required

If you are using a 3rd party block plugin, you have added the plugin name and plugin URL to download. select the option is free or paid.

Preview Image

Preview image is required, after creating a block template you can capture the screen and upload somewhere to get the image file URL, is the best place for sharing images.

Design Source

If you are not the designer of created template then please provide the source of design, you can provide links, screenshot or designer name, designer website URL.


Tags are optional, but adding some tags might use to find via search. so it recommended adding some tags for your templates.

Ready to submit?

When the above step completed you are almost ready to submit template on but wait you will have to get an API key from our website. Simply copy the API key and paste on settings page and then you will able to submit block template on our website.

block templates

Again back to block editing page and see there is contribute tab under block info meta box. just click on Submit for review button, it will submit your block data to our server and pending to review. once reviewing is done it will publish and people can use via WP Block Hub plugin.

Gutenberg templates

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